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Brianna was blessed with an upbringing that included a strong influence from her grandparents.  Most of Brianna’s childhood was spent between two generations whose common denominator was a strong belief in American and family values.

The more involved she became, the more apparent it was that Wethersfield was not being authentically represented at the State Capitol. She believes that the policies being pushed had more to do with special interests than the people whose lives are affected by these policies.

Brianna sees this campaign as an honor and a privilege.  The opportunity to represent the residents of Wethersfield is not something she takes lightly. She looks forward to earning your vote!

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Brianna Timbro is running for State Representative for the town of Wethersfield. As an educator, realtor and mother of three, she is in touch with the needs of the community. She is a firm believer in elected officials being an authentic representation of the people they speak for and that her common sense, balanced approach to the issues is exactly what is needed for Wethersfield to thrive.

Brianna Timbro is a stakeholder in this community and is ready to truly fight for and be a voice for the real issues that affect the daily lives of individuals and families that consider Wethersfield their home.

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